CAD modeling

At Chanki 3D, we do offer CAD modeling services . To know about its importance, we need to understand that a A simple 2D drawings sometime poses limitation in understanding the concept of the matter . So the 3D cad modeling came into existence. At Chanki 3D, we have a team of professionals working to convert the 2D design into 3D CAD design.

Thus we excel as a 3D CAD outsourcing company catering to your innovations and providing 3D CAD Modelling services. Chanki 3D provides CAD services for different purposes like 2D to 3D CAD conversion services , 3D CAD Model preparation from hand sketches, software migration from 2D CAD to 3D models using AutoCAD, Revit Building design, Solidworks, Inventor, Solidworks, 3D Max software.

The different sectors for which we provide 3D CAD modeling services are

Architectural 3D CAD Modeling
3D Architectural Rendering
Structural 3D CAD Modeling
3D Mechanical Modeling
Industrial plants 3D Modeling
Piping 3D Modeling Services
Prototype Modeling
3D Product Modeling
BIM Modeling

Why choose us for 3D CAD modeling services

  • Designs can be easily explained to even non-technical customers
  • Intelligent’ functionality can take care of the automation tasks thereby dropping the time and effort
  • The ‘constructible model’ gives a better idea of your project before physical construction takes place
  • Early recognition of clash between a variety of elements, which causes a setback in construction/manufacturing
  • Overall it improves the quality and reduces time and cost.